About Us

Hi there! So glad you’re here.

We are Yunhwa and Hwayun. And if our names didn’t give it away, we’re sisters. And no, we aren’t twins (but we get that A LOT).

After years of working corporate jobs, we both knew that it wasn’t for us. We felt unfulfilled, super stressed, and downright unhappy. We couldn’t imagine doing it for another month much less another 35 more years.

So as scary as it was to leave our jobs, we decided to quit (hallelujah) in order to do what we enjoy most. Help more people learn how to save more money in their everyday lives.

And that’s how Saving Cents began.

We each went from living comfortably on two incomes to figuring out how to live off of one. But the thing is, we wouldn’t have been able to quit our jobs and take the risk of starting our own business if we hadn’t been smart with our money. By no means are we extreme savers but by being a little creative, open-minded, and saving where we could, we have been able to save tens of thousands of dollars.

Thankfully, we don’t have any debt (other than our mortgages and car payments) and have saved up enough that we could live comfortably for the next few years even if we didn’t earn another penny! It feels pretty amazing to have a safety net for the next couple of years while we chase our dreams.

How Saving Cents Can Work For You

Just like you, we’re trying to live our best and happiest lives. And that’s kind of impossible if you’re not in a good place financially.

Here at Saving Cent’s we truly believe that the money you save is just as important as the money that you earn! So even if you don’t make a ton of money, you can still save a significant life-changing amount.

If you’re ready to take control of your finances (in bite-sized chunks), we’re here to help you and cheer you along the way.

If you’d like to learn more ways to save in your everyday life, please subscribe to our email and we’ll make sure to share only the best with you.

Thanks for being here. We genuinely appreciate it!