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Buying Second Hand Is So Much Better Than Buying New

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I love the fact that buying second hand or used is becoming more and more popular. Although more people are doing it, the majority of the people that I know still doesn’t want to buy something that has been “used.”

But buying used isn’t what it used to be. Your options are more than some raggedy piece of crap toaster on its last leg or rummaging through someone else’s junk at a yard sale or thrift store (not that there’s anything wrong with that. It can actually be kind of fun)!

Now you can buy things online that you can’t find in stores anymore or buying really nice, gently used items through your local Facebook groups (my personal favorite way to buy used).

Thankfully, it’s easier than ever to find exactly what you’re looking for without leaving your home.

However, if you’ve never bought anything used before then the idea of it may be a little scary, gross, or a combination of both. At least that’s how I felt.

If you’re still not sold on the whole idea of buying second hand instead of new, I’ve included 5 awesome reasons why I actually prefer it. Hopefully, it gives you just the amount of oomph you need to give it a good try.

If that’s still not enough, I’ve also included a breakdown at the end of this article of everything that I’ve bought used and how much I’ve saved over the past couple of years. I’ll give you a hint, it’s over a thousand dollars!

You pay a whole heck of a lot less

The main reason that I absolutely love buying second hand is that I can usually save at least 50% of what I would be paying if I bought the same exact item new!

I don’t want to brag, but most of the time I save even more than that! I’ve gotten barely used clothes and furniture at a fraction of the cost.

If you’re thinking, “I buy things when they go on sale so I’m getting a great deal.” I just have to say that from my experience buying used almost always will still be cheaper than buying things on sale and/or with a coupon.

Wait, there’s more! On top of the already discounted price, you save even more because you don’t pay any taxes unless you’re buying something from a store. That may not sound like much but over time it really adds up!

Plus, you’ll learn that you can save even more by buying multiple things from the same seller or you can try negotiating the price (channel your inner haggler).

You can get things for free

I can’t even count the number of things people list on my Facebook groups that are completely free!

Things that someone no longer wanted or needed but wanted to give away because they’re freakin awesome and the stuff still had a lot of life left in them. One person’s trash is another person’s treasure, right?

I’ve seen everything from furniture, decor, toys, clothes, and even a pretty awesome playground!

You can’t beat free so I always keep an eye out in case anything good pops up. And when it does, you have to jump on the opportunity quickly. Because you’ll learn quickly that everyone loves free stuff!

I’ve been able to get a few things myself. I’ve included everything that I’ve gotten completely free at the bottom of this article so check it out.

Reusing is much better for the environment

I personally like the fact that reusing other people’s stuff is much better for the environment.

By no means am I the greenest person but I try to do my part when I can. It helps when it doesn’t take too much additional work.

Buying used helps keep things that are still functional and in perfectly good shape from the landfills.

You can resell the things you buy used for almost the same price

Another awesome reason to buy used is that you can usually resell whatever you bought used for the same price (if not more) as what you paid for it!

Of course, it depends on what you’re buying, how much you’re buying it for, and if there is a demand for it. But it’s definitely an option.

I didn’t have any trouble the couple of times that I’ve tried this. So instead of keeping them, I was able to sell it easily for the same price.

As you begin buying things used you’ll start picking up on what things are really worth. And you’ll get a good idea if you’d be able to resell it for the same price in the future.

It’s wasteful to pay full price for something you’ll hardly use

You know those things that you have to buy sometimes that seem like a total waste of money? The stuff that you know you’re hardly going to use but need like birthday or holiday decor, Halloween costumes, or even baby stuff (because they do really outgrow things so fast!).

I’m all for getting my monies worth so I try my best to get those things used. When I get it used,  I don’t feel so guilty when it’s only used a few times.

How much I saved buying second hand

What I boughtWhat I paidCost if new
Nursery Furniture Set (Crib, Dresser, Changing table, Glider)6001800
Extra Crib50150
23” LG computer monitor25125
Chicco Liteway StrollerFREE73.99
Footed Jammies (18)36108
Love to Dream Swaddle (best swaddle ever!)829.99
Baby Bathtub (new)519.99
Fisher Price Crib Mobile1050
Leapfrog Learn and Groove Activity Table239.99
Vtech Sit to Stand Alphabet Train538.99
Bumbo SeatFREE39.99
Baby SwingFREE29.99
Baby Merlin’s Magic Sleepsuit1539.95
Maternity Clothes (30 pieces)30300
Crib Teething Guard529.99
Bottle SterilizerFREE17.79
Kiwi Crate Activity Boxes (10)100250
Graco High chairFREE49
Cake Stand/Punch Bowl429.99

Grand Total Saved: 2493.33

There are so many benefits of buying used that I can’t even imagine never giving it a try.

What are some of your reasons you’ve never bought anything used before or don’t buy used regularly?

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