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21 Creative And Fun Activities For Kids This Summer

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It’s summertime! Which means that the kids are out of school and y’all want to have some fun as a family! But it can be tough to come up with different things to keep your kids entertained all summer long especially when you’re on a budget.

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However, with a little planning and creativity, you and the fam can enjoy some good quality time together without breaking the bank.

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Here’s a list of some fun activities for kids to try out with your family this summer. Make sure to save this list to Pinterest to check it out again later.

Create a passport for the parks in your area

Spend an afternoon making “passports” with the kids. Map out all of the parks that you can visit. Buy, create, or repurpose an old notebook and create a page for each of the parks. Once the kids visit that park, stamp that page as if it were a real passport. The kids will love visiting new parks and it’ll make them even more excited to get their passports stamped.

Build a little free library

A little free library is a neighborhood book exchange that is fun for everyone. More and more of them are popping up and I love it! It’s such a neat idea that encourages our little ones to read. Have your kids (and neighbors) help build or install one in your neighborhood so everyone (even us grown-ups) can enjoy it.

Start a garden

Gardening will keep the kids busy for hours. They can plant flowers or even fruits and vegetables that can be eaten later. This list of veggies grows fairly quickly so the kids are able to eat what they’ve grown. It’ll make them feel accomplished and even get them to try a new vegetable because they were the ones to grow it.

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Play with giant bubbles

Your kids have probably played with bubbles before but it’s time to take it to a whole nother level! Make this awesome bubble soap and wand that will create ginormous bubbles. You and your kids will definitely have so much fun chasing (and popping) bubbles.

Make an obstacle course

Every kid I’ve met loves the show American Ninja Warrior. Create your own obstacle course with fun random objects around the house. They’ll feel like they’re on a new playground in your own backyard.

Create gifts for a special someone

Let your little one make something for a special someone’s birthday or for any occasion at that. You can easily find a ton of great ideas online for inexpensive homemade gifts like these cool bird feeders.

Do a science experiment

Educational activities don’t have to be boring. There are so many fun things you can make using household products that you already have. Try making these bouncy balls. Your kids will love getting their hands dirty and secretly learn at the same time.

Stargazing scavenger hunt

Take your kids stargazing and have a fun night out with the family. Keep them interested by doing this scavenger hunt which will teach them about the constellations.

Make a homemade kite

A craft that leads to more fun after it’s made is the best type of craft. Making kites at home keeps the little ones busy and excited about their creation. They will have so much fun once it’s made and get to run around outside with their new cute kites. Check out this kite making tutorial.

Paint rocks

Rock painting is a cheap activity that your kids are sure to love. They can paint pictures or encouraging words on their rocks. Afterward, take the kids and the rocks to a park and have them hide it in plain sight. That way someone else will come along and see their fun masterpiece.

Have a yard sale

Declutter your house by having a yard sale. Involve the kids by getting them to declutter their stuff. It might be tough at first, but give them the option to use the money for something they have been wanting.

Build your own photo booth

Photo booths are so much fun. Have the kids search the house for costume pieces like glasses, dress up clothes, and kids jewelry. You can even have them make mustaches, signs, and other fun photo booth accessories and attach them to straws. Use a sheet or a wall as the backdrop and have fun!

Nature scavenger hunt

Kids love being outdoors but may get a little restless if out there too long with nothing to do. Go on a hike and do a scavenger hunt. They will love being able to check off the items on their list.


Encourage your children to help others by volunteering as a family. It’ll make everyone feel good for sure. Check out the different volunteering opportunities in your community and choose the one that best fits your family’s interests.

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Cook together

Cooking with the kids will keep them busy and entertained with an added bonus of having a meal or snack made at the end of it. They will love being able to help you and also feel excited that they were able to make their own food. Try out some of these kid-friendly recipes to get started.

Treasure hunt

Treasure hunts are the perfect activity to get your kids off of the couch. It’s interactive, exciting, and can even be educational. You can do it inside your home, out in the yard, at the park, or just about anywhere. All it takes is a little planning, some clues, and of course treasure!

Turn trash into treasure

Challenge your kids to create something out of “trash.” It could be anything. Something that they think looks cool, fun, or my favorite useful. Who knows, they could actually create something awesome and end up on Shark Tank!

Thrift together

There seems to be a yard sale every weekend in the summer. Give your kids a couple of bucks (or have them earn it throughout the week) so they can buy one or two things that they find. Lay out some ground rules so you don’t end up bringing a ton of junk back to your house in case their negotiating skills are better than you think!

Paper mache all day

As a child, I used to enjoy making things out of paper mache. It’s easy, a little messy, and a lot of fun. You could practically make anything with paper mache but one of my favorites is Christmas decorations. You probably already have most of the things you’d need for this project lying around your house: a balloon, flour, newspaper, paint, string, and tape.

Picture scavenger hunt

Come up with a list of things for your child to take pictures of when you’re out and about. It can be something as simple as “something colorful” or something with a little more detail like “take a picture with something you think is beautiful.” You can even assign points to help keep them motivated.

Make a fort

Remember when you were a kid and you built forts and they were awesome? Do that all over again! This time it’ll be even better since you’re building one with your kids. Forts are so fun to play in and they are just as fun to build. Grab some blankets, boxes, and tape and you’re good to go.

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