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15 DIY Gifts For Friends For $15 Or Less

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With the holiday season just around the corner, you might be making your list of gifts that you’re planning on gifting to the special people in your life. 

And this year it’s a lot different because we’re on a tighter budget than usual since we’re living off of one income. So I had to start thinking more creatively (aka spend hours on Pinterest).

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After falling into the Pinterest black hole of DIY gifts, I found these 15 cheap and easy DIY gifts that I could make for under $15 each! Some of them even cost less than $5 a piece!

I’m not the most crafty person, so naturally, I looked for gifts that were pretty easy to make. Most of these gifts don’t require a special skill or tools, which was perfect for me!

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Handmade cups that says Mr. and Mrs.

1. Personalized Mugs 

Everyone loves a cute mug. You can personalize a mug for each one of your friends with this easy mug tutorial. I used this marker and bought the mug from the dollar store. Cheap and easy, my favorite type of DIY project!

2. Painted Pot with Plant 

I’m always on the hunt for a cute pot to display my beloved plants in, but they are so expensive! It never dawned on me to buy some cheap pots at the thrift store and paint them myself. This DIY pot painting project is really easy and cheap! It turned out really cute.

Lip balm laying next to peppermints and chocolate chips

3. Lip Balm 

Have you ever made your own lip balm? If your answer is no, then we’re in the same boat! I thought it would be complicated to make but this super easy lip balm tutorial showed me how easy it actually is! So impress your friends and make them the best natural lip balm they have ever used.

4. Coasters 

Coasters are a must in every household. This simple coaster tutorial will help you turn plain tiles into cute coasters that your friends will love!

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5. Peppermint Bark

Nothing says Christmas like candy canes and chocolate. Gift your friends the sweet treat of homemade peppermint bark that will be sure to be a crowd pleaser.

6. Ear Warmer 

For my talented friends out there that know how to crochet, first, I’m jealous. Second, this is a DIY project for you! This ear warmer will not only come in handy in those freezing winter months but it’s super cute too!

7. Cookie Gift Sack

Christmas is a time for all of the treats. Gift this cute cookie gift sack to your friends and really anyone because who doesn’t like cookies?

8. Cup Cozies 

These adorable cup cozies are perfect for the coffee and tea drinkers in your life. It’s even so simple that your kids can even make them! Your friends will love using them while enjoying their favorite drink.

9. Sugar Scrub 

Pamper your friends with this homemade sugar scrub. It only takes about 10 minutes and you’ll have most of the ingredients on hand. The vanilla and brown sugar combo smells amazing and it’s sure to be a hit with your friends!

10. Tied Fleece Blanket 

Blankets are one of those things that no matter how many I get, I love them all! Follow this super easy tied fleece blanket tutorial and personalize one for each of your friends. The best part about this DIY blanket is that you don’t have to sew!

Cement candles on a gold piece of coil

11. Candle 

Pretty much everyone I know loves candles. Add some personality to your candle and make these concrete candleholders. It’s a cute unique gift that your candle loving friends will adore.

12. Encouraging Printables

These days you can find free or cheap printables to spruce up your home. Grab a few frames from the dollar store and frame these encouraging printables. Your friends will love the encouraging wall art and you’ll love that it only cost you a few dollars.

13. Tote 

I’ve seen so many cute totes on Pinterest but almost every single one of them requires a vinal transfer machine, which I don’t have. Then I found this cute DIY tote that I can DIY with just a regular printer and some fabric markers. You can personalize it for each friend and its a super easy DIY.

14. Kitchen Towels 

Every kitchen needs cute tea towels. Now the options are endless when you use this DIY tea towel tutorial. They are so easy to make and the tutorial even gives you a design to use but really the options are endless!

15. Jewelry Tray

Help your friends keep their jewelry organized by gifting them a jewelry tray. These trays are so easy that you could make one in less than 5 minutes. You could even thrift for the dishes you want to paint and it’ll be an even cheaper DIY gift.

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