100+ Easy Ways to Save Money in 2019

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I’m always looking for ways to save money. I’ve learned and tried a ton of different things over the years.

I’ve put together a list of 100+ easy ways to save money on everything from shopping, entertainment, home improvement, groceries, utilities, transportation, gifts, and more!

Don’t be intimidated by this list. It’s not an all or nothing type of deal. Even trying a few things each month will result in saving you money! For more money saving ideas, follow us on Pinterest.

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This list of simple ways to save money contains links to take you to more money-saving ideas and how-tos along with a few links to resources that I found helpful.

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1. Shop with cash back websites like Ebates (Get a $10 bonus when you use this link)

2. Ditch paper towels and use reusable cloths

3. Always comparison shop (that’s why the internet was created! For me at least)

4. Save money on your groceries by using apps like Checkout 51Ibotta, and Fetch Rewards (use code TD9AX to get an automatic $2 in your account!). You can submit almost any grocery receipt on Fetch! 

5. Use coupons at the grocery store. If you don’t have one, check out Coupons.com

6. Get refunded for price adjustments. I recently got an adjustment for $160 just because I saw the lower price and called the customer service!!

7. Make your returns in a timely manner

8. Shop second hand when possible (Facebook groups, thrift stores, consignment sales)

9. Only get pedicures when it’s sandal season (your toenails need to breath anyway)

10. Use Airbnb or VRBO when traveling

11. Ditch the plastic sandwich bag and use a reusable bag like this one

12. Review your bills regularly and make sure you aren’t being charged for bogus fees

13. Take advantage of price match guarantees

14. Buy groceries with the latest expiration dates

15. Stick to water (take your water bottle with you everywhere)

16. Cut cable, use Hulu or Netflix instead. Share accounts if possible. Or get an HD antenna and ditch the subscriptions altogether

17. Only get cable during sports season (if you won’t cut cable b/c you love sports)

18. Take advantage of restaurants where you get free birthday meals

19. Get free food for your kids

20. Put all your spare change in your piggy bank. It really adds up!

21. Invite your friends over for game night instead of going out

22. Buy and sell your used books on half.com

23. Get your haircut at a beauty school

24. Share meals when you’re at a restaurant

25. Watch movies during matinee or buy a discounted movie ticket

26. Use Redbox instead of renting movies on demand (make sure to return the movie on time!)

27. Take advantage of happy hour specials

28. Join a $10/month gym; or better yet, watch YouTube workout videos (here’s my favorite)

29. Try generic brands for items you buy regularly

30. Buy in bulk whenever it makes sense

31. Do simple DIY home improvement projects (YouTube can teach you almost anything)

32. Meet your friends for coffee or lunch instead of dinner and drinks

33. Buy seasonal decor right after the season ends

34. Use your crockpot/instant pot and make big meals that you can freeze for later

35. Carpool with your friends

36. Make sure tires are properly inflated

37. Cut coupons when possible

38. Look for recipes that are cheap to make (follow us on Pinterest where we share a bunch of cheap recipes)

39. Pick the best insurance coverage for your life right now

40. Practice preventative dental and medical care

41. Shop your  pantry and fridge before making your grocery list

42. Only buy the stuff on your grocery list

43. Switch to a no-fee bank account

44. Learn about any discounts available to you and use them (senior citizen, student, military, employee)

45. Make DIY cleaning supplies

46. Use Pinterest to find recipe ideas for the food you already have in stock

47. Re-shop for home and car insurance often

48. Reduce the amount of food you waste. Every time you throw something away, you’re throwing away your hard earned money

49. Cut dryer sheets in half

50. Refinance your mortgage

51. Refinance your debts

52. Comparison shop for prescription drugs. Yes that’s a thing!

53. Sign up for free customer rewards programs

54. Subscribe to your favorite restaurant’s emails to get coupons and discounts

55. Participate in paid market research (taste tests are the best!)

56. Buy discounted gift cards before shopping

57. Use your dishwasher instead of washing dishes by hand

58. Cut sponges in half or better yet, use reusable sponges and clothes

59. Refinish old furniture

60. Check out the free page on Next Door

61. Get several estimates for big projects

62. Shop at cheaper grocery store like Aldi

63. Make DIY gifts instead of fancy expensive ones

64. Enjoy less expensive wines

65. Shop by price per unit

66. Eat your leftovers. Seriously challenge yourself to eat all of your leftovers

67. Check out daily deal sites like Groupon for something fun to do

68. Use public transportation when possible

69. Pack food and snacks on road trips

70. Take an empty water bottle to the airport and fill it at a fountain when you get past security

71. Always ask for fees to be waived

72. Know where to buy the cheapest gas

73. Understand all fees before buying a home (HOA, flood insurance, PMI)

74. Do a secret Santa this year instead of exchanging gifts with everyone

75. If your car is worth less than $2,000, drop collision and comprehensive coverage

76. Avoid buying clothes that are dry-cleaned only

77. Borrow instead of buying

78. Research free or inexpensive entertainment in your community

79. Buy thinner towels that dry faster

80. Use cloth napkins instead of paper

81. Protect your phone with a case (phones are designed to break)

82. Drink alcohol at home. Do NOT buy it out unless you’re ready to spend a lot

83. Go on a cheap date

84. Rent books from your library instead of buying new books

85. Save at least half of your tax refund

86. Host a potluck

87. Stock up on items that don’t expire when they’re on sale

88. Reuse gift bags and tissue paper

89. Keep up with your routine car maintenance schedule

90. Negotiate better contracts on recurring bills

91. Travel in the offseason

92. Pay down debts with the highest interest rate first

93. Don’t pay cable modem fees. Buy your own

94. Review every bill for billing errors

95. Always check your receipt for errors before leaving the store

96. Don’t buy something just because it’s on sale!

97. Repair instead of buying new

98. Buy forever stamps

99. Go grocery shopping one day a week. Learn more about how to save money on your groceries

100. Save half of every raise and bonus

101. Don’t upgrade to the newest phone. Resist the urge!

102. Take advantage of your credit card benefits

103. Shop at the Dollar Store for these things

104. Never pay full price. Wait for things to go on sale

I tried to put together a large list of ways to save, but I’m sure there are some that I missed. Share your best money saving tip in the comments below.


  1. Love all these tips. Some are new, some are common sense, some are briliant! Thank you for your knowledge.

  2. Thank you so much for putting all this together! It’s a really good list with new ideas.

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