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Ebates Review 2018: What You Need To Know!

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I wanted to do this Ebates review because in 7 years I’ve made $619.25 by shopping online!

I’ve gotten cash back for all sorts of things like booking a cruise to Alaska (my biggest payout so far at $344!), sending flowers to a friend, buying diapers for my daughter, and even for hosting my blog!

There are a few companies that offer cash back programs but Ebates seems to be the most well known.

In fact, Ebates has paid out millions of dollars in 2017 alone!

With all of the Ebates experience under my belt, I’ll give you an Ebates review that breaks down everything you need to know about it. I’ll even share some pro tips with you to help you save even more money.

Ebates review

What exactly is Ebates?

Ebates is a completely free service that gives you cash back when you shop. You don’t have to track points or take surveys to earn cash back.

Not only do they give you cash back but they also provide coupons, discount deals, and promo codes so you can save even more!

The amount of cashback offered is typically 5% or less. That may not seem like a lot, but it all adds up! I’ve made $619.25 since starting Ebates!

Ebates has partnered with over 1,800 retailers including many of my personal favorites: Amazon, Macy’s, Target, Home Depot, and Bed Bath & Beyond.

Originally, Ebates only offered cash back on purchases that were made online. But now you can now earn cash back when you shop in-store as well!

Is Ebates a scam?

I wanted to do this Ebates review because Ebates seem too good to be true. I’ve been using Ebates for a long time now and I haven’t had any problems.

They are accredited by the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating.

Also, they have over 14,000 reviews on iPhone’s App Store with a rating of 4.5/5.0 stars.

Pros & Cons


  • Simple and super easy to use
  • Offers cash back in many categories
  • Earning potential is limitless
  • A competitor may offer a higher cashback amount
  • Many ways to use Ebates (website, app, or browser app)
  • Earn endless referral bonuses through the refer a friend program
  • In-store cash back


  • Cash Back offer may be different than advertised
  • Only get paid quarterly
  • You MUST go through Ebates in order to get the cash back
  • Browser app is finicky
  • Cashback percentages may change daily
  • In-store cashback is limited

How does Ebates work?

Using Ebates is really easy. This is coming from someone who isn’t the most tech savvy. How does it actually work?

I’m telling you, anyone can figure it out. There’s not much to it.

You can access Ebates on your computer, on their app, or by installing the Ebates extension available on multiple web browsers.  

I’ve broken it down into simple steps below for all the different ways you can make money with Ebates.

Shopping online using Ebates.com or the Ebates App

Step 1: Sign up for your free Ebates account here

Step 2: Start all of your online shopping at Ebates.com or through the Ebates app

Ebates Review - Homepage

Step 3: Search for the online retailer

Step 4: Click on the “Shop Now” button to activate cash back on their site

Pro tip: The retailer page on Ebates may show coupon codes you are able to use when making a purchase

That’s it! Just shop like you normally would and you’ll receive a notification within 48 hours of making a purchase that cash back was added to your account.

Shopping in-store using Ebates.com or the Ebates App

Step 1: Click on “In-Store Cash Back”

Step 2: Add at least 1 credit card to your account

Step 3: Browse in-store cashback offers

Step 4: Click “Link Offer”

If you have multiple credit cards on file, you must use the one that you linked to the offer. Otherwise, you won’t get the credit. Always double check prior to checking out.

I love that they added this option. It’s perfect for those times when you have to run to the store because you meant to order that thing online but you never did, and now you need it tomorrow! You know what I’m talking about.

The in-store cash back option is pretty new so the store options are limited. Right now, they only have about 50 stores to choose from.

Mobile experience

Ebates has a really great app available for iOS and Android devices!

The great thing about the app is that you can open it up when shopping in store to link an offer.

Within the Ebates app, there’s also things like Super App….

Super App Saturday offers a handful of stores that give you extra cash back. It’s only available on the app.

Shopping using the Ebates extension on the web browser

This option is even simpler!

Step 1: Go to the store of your choice and if cashback is available then it’ll notify you in the top right-hand corner

Step 2: Click “Activate Cash Back”

Ebates Review - Browser Add On

Now just shop like normal and you will receive an email confirming that cash back was added to your account on qualifying purchases.

When and how will I get paid?

Now for the most exciting part of the Ebates review! You get paid every quarter as long as you have at least $5 in your account.

You can choose to get what they call your “Big Fat Check” by mail or through PayPal.

The payments are sent May 15, August 15, November 15, and February 15.

Sometimes, they even offer bonuses if you choose to get paid on a gift card instead of taking the cash.

Ebates Review - Reward

For example, this past quarter I earned $55.17 through Ebates. I can’t say no to a good deal, so I chose a gift card to Bed Bath & Beyond that was worth $60.69 (10% bonus).

Pro tip: If you’re a sucker (or saver) like me, just make sure you choose a gift card to a store that you buy from a lot. Don’t let the gift card go to waste!

How to make/save even MORE money?

I hope you’ve learned a thing or two in this Ebates review because earning cash passively through Ebates is awesome!

But…why not save even more money?!?!

In addition to cash back, Ebates offers coupons, discount deals, and promo codes on their site so you can save even more!

Pro tip: Don’t forget to Google the retailer’s name to check out if there are additional promo codes/coupons that can be used. Ebates is great, but they don’t always show all of the promo codes/coupons that are out there

How does it stack up against the competition?

I’ve tried a lot of cash back sites/apps before I started this Ebates review. 

ShopAtHome.com is another one of my favorites. I’ve earned $483.54 over the past few years.

They have fallen in popularity against Ebates…but they have stepped up their cash back game recently and have become pretty competitive!

Both sites work almost exactly the same but one may have a higher cash back offer.

Pro tip: Check both sites and choose the one that offers the most cash back

Ebates vs Shopathome Cash Back Offerings

Home DepotN/A5%
Flowers by Florist.com23%4%
Bed Bath and Beyond2%6%


*Please note that cash back can change on any given day and what you see may no longer reflect the current cashback available

More Pro Tips

  1. Search the category in the search box (i.e. travel) and try to use the site that provides the most cash back
  2. You can sign up for Paribus, which will check your emails for 14 days after you purchase something and if they find a lower price then they will give you a refund
  3. If you started shopping online directly through the retailer and you realize you didn’t go through Ebates, you can open up Ebates and almost always the site opens up with your same cart so you don’t have to do it all over again
  4. Shop at retailers with a flexible (and free!) return policy so there is plenty of time to make a return in case something does not work out. Here are a few of my favorites:


What you should take away from this Ebates review is that there are many companies that offer cash back; however, Ebates is one of the easiest ways to make extra money without having to do much.

You already shop so you should get paid for it!

You don’t have to complete surveys, worry about points, or do anything extra other than shopping at your favorite stores like you would normally do.

I bet the hardest part for you will be actually remembering to go through Ebates instead of going straight to the retailer’s website.

I hope you enjoyed this Ebates review! You should give it a shot and sign up for your free account here!

*Must carefully read the terms as some items or products in a certain category are ineligible and/or the cash back may differ than what is advertised 


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