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50+ Ways to Make Extra Money this Year

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Making extra money can help in so many ways. It can even change your life!

So many aspects of your life can be positively impacted by having more money such as:

  • Reduce the stress from living paycheck to paycheck
  • Save up for your dream vacation
  • Pay your bills
  • Buy a home for your family
  • Retiring early

Whatever your goals are, you can reach them by making simple changes and trying out new jobs. The possibilities are endless! Find more money making ideas by following us on Pinterest.

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Easy Ways To Make Extra Money

1. Scan your receipts

You can earn cash on your groceries when you use certain apps. It doesn’t cost any money to join, in fact, Ibotta will actually give you $10 for joining. The two I use every week are Ibotta and Checkout 51

2. Shop with Ebates

Getting paid while shopping has never been easier. Earn money by shopping online and the best thing is that you’re able to use coupons on top of your cashback

3. Use Swagbucks

Surf the web, shop online, or take some surveys and you can earn Swagbucks points, also known as SB

Make Money From Home

4. Complete online surveys

Companies are always looking for the opinions of consumers. They use survey companies to get inside your head so they can sell their product better. You’re able to earn some fast cash if you sign up for a bunch of them. Take a look at these survey sites that will help you earn some extra cash

5. Rent your place out

You can make a good bit of money renting your place out especially during a conference or big event. Take a peek here to see how much you could potentially earn renting your place out on Airbnb.

6. Sell on Etsy

Craft sites like Etsy make it really easy to share and make money off of a hobby that you already love. Are you the type that likes to paint? Make jewelry? If you’re into hands-on work, turn that into a business. Even calligraphy handwriting can make money! Anything personalized as well with names or initials sells for top dollar

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7. Become a virtual assistant

These days virtual assistants (VA) are in high demand. You’re able to work out of your own home while helping others run their own business

8. Become a transcriptionist

Use your typing skills to make extra money. You’re generally able to set your own schedule and pace. Depending on your experience level, you can make upwards of $15/hour

Sell Your Stuff

9. Sell on Decluttr

Sell your electronics, DVDs, books, and games on Decluttr. They help you price the item and offer free shipping no matter what you’re selling

10. Sell on eBay

eBay is an easy way to get rid of your things. You’re able to sell practically anything on there

11. Facebook buy, sell, and trade groups

Facebook has a ton of buy/sell groups in your local community. It’s an easy way to get rid of your stuff without having to ship it to anyone

12. Have a yard sale

Have a ton of things to sell? Then have an old-fashioned yard sale. People love stopping by a yard sale to see what treasure they might find  

13. Sell gift cards

Have you ever gotten a gift card you know you’ll never use? Instead of letting them go to waste, sell them! You won’t get full price for them, but you will get a good chunk of the money back and that is way better than losing the gift card or never using them. Sell it on which is a gift card marketplace where you can sell and buy gift cards for less than full price. Double win!

14. Sell your textbooks

Sell your textbooks on I did that in college and made a lot more of my money back than taking it to the local bookstore

Care For Others and Their Belongings

15. Babysit/nanny

People are always looking for reliable help for their children. Babysitting or nannying could be a profitable side job that will help boost your income

16. Petsit

If you’re a pet lover, you should give pet sitting a shot. You can sign up through Rover and they will match you up with a furry friend

17. Drive for Lyft

Make some quick easy cash on your commute home and on the weekends. You could easily make $100 by driving for an hour 5 days a week. If you need the cash fast, you’re even able to get paid immediately

Use Your Hobbies And Skills

18. Teach a course

If you’re pretty knowledgeable about something, you should share the wealth and teach a course. There are lots of services that you can use to teach a course. Teachable and Udemy are a couple of well known educational platforms

19. Tutor

Good at a certain subject or language? You should tutor. You’re now able to tutor in person or online and help others reach their goals

20. Interior design

Do you have an eye for design? People are looking for interior designers to help them in their homes and make

21. D.J.

If you know how to D.J., you’ll be able to get gigs for weddings and parties. It’s a great way to make money and have a great time

22. Fitness class instructor

If you love to workout with others, you should become a class instructor. You can teach classes around your busy schedule as a lot of gyms offer night and weekend classes

23. Organize

Organizational skills are a gift that most people don’t have. If you’re gifted with that talent, you can help others organize their homes and lives

24. Sell your baked goods

Do people always ask about your delicious cookie recipe? You should start baking on the side for parties and gatherings

25. Sell graphic designs

Fiverr is a great place to sell logos and other graphic designs. If you’re a whiz at graphic design, this could be a good gig for you 

26. Flip furniture

Do you know how to make old furniture look new and trendy? You can flip furniture finds at garage sales and flea markets

27. Handiwork

If you’re good at household work, sell your skills on Thumbtack and get hired as a handyman

28. Sell your photographs

Are you a skilled photographer? Sell your great photos to online platforms like Twenty20

Get More From Your Financial Institutions

29. Sign up for credit card offers

There a ton of credit cards that are offering incentives for you to get their card. Some offer a cash bonus while others offer you points or miles which could end up being hundreds of dollars

30. Earn more interest

If you’ve had your savings account for more than a year, there’s probably a bank offering a better rate. Move your savings over to another bank and get the most out of your money. Some even offer a sign-up bonus

Chores For Others

31. Deliver food

You don’t have to work at a pizza place to deliver food anymore. You can join a food delivery service like GrubHub and Postmates in your spare time and deliver on your schedule

32. Shop for Groceries

Grocery delivery services are popping up all over the place. Shop and deliver for others and get paid. Easy as that. Instacart and Shipt are a couple that you may want to look into.

33. Run errands

Run errands for others through services like TaskRabbit. You could send someone to pick up and deliver pretty much anything

34. Yard work

Start a yard service in your neighborhood. You can mow lawns in the summer and bag leaves in the fall

35. Cleaning service

If you don’t mind tidying up for others, running a cleaning service is a great profitable gig for you. I know people who make over $100 cleaning a house for a couple of hours.

Other Ways To Make Money

36. Taste test

Sign up for taste tests in your city. You may be able to try some new food that is about to be launched in restaurants and they will pay you around $30 – $50 for your time and feedback

37. Participate in a market research panel

Join a research panel. Those research firms are always looking for consumers to participate in their study. Nielson is a popular firm in many cities. Check out if there’s a Nielson near you

38. Brand ambassador

If you’re friendly, upbeat, and outgoing, this is a good gig for you. Most of these gigs pay $15-$30 an hour! Typical jobs would be working at a Costco, Supermarket, Liquor Store, or even an event handing out samples and asking people to try a product. A friend recently landed a gig for Hawaiian Tropic promos that paid $25 an hour

39. Bartending

This is a learned skill that requires some effort. Normally you would have to get a liquor certification or food handler’s permit. If you’re personable and can memorize some drink recipes, bartending is a good night time gig that is quick and easy cash

40. Event staff

If you live in a city with concerts, conventions, professional sports games, even weddings, you should consider an event staff position! These normally pay anywhere from $12-$18 an hour

41. Catering jobs

Catering jobs are great if you can handle a serving tray. You will most likely be plating up the food and serving the guests at the event. The great part about a catering job is you get to eat the food after

42.Personal assistant

If you have a computer, organizational, and social media skills, you might want to try being a personal assistant! People are so busy nowadays that they can’t keep track of where they need to be and when. Many people are looking to hire a personal assistant with a flexible schedule part-time.

43. Work in retail

If you like being in a social setting, you should try retail. A huge bonus of working retail is the discount you’ll get for that store

44. Referee local leagues

Local leagues need refs to officiate their games. Ref a few games a month and make some cash

45. Server

If you need some cash right away, you should become a server. You can take home the tips you make that night and you can work out a flexible schedule

46. Web designer

Most people are not gifted with the sense of technology. But these days almost every business needs a website. Use your skills and build websites on the side. It could be a profitable business

47. Direct sales

Is there a product you love? You may want to sell it. There are a lot of reputable companies out there that allow you to be a consultant for them (Beautycounter, Beachbody, Rodan and Fields, etc.). You may even get a discount for their products in return for being a consultant

48. Substitute teach

If you like being in the school environment, but don’t want to do it full time, you should be a substitute teacher. Your schedule is pretty flexible and you can turn down the job on days that you’re unable to teach

49. Exercise

If your goal is to lose weight or exercise more, you should give Stepbet and Dietbet a try. I love doing these bets because it really keeps me motivated and when I reach my goal, I’m rewarded with some cash

50. Become a notary

It’s usually inexpensive to become a notary and once you’re certified, you can charge your own rates. People are always looking for a notary

51. Ask for a raise

This one is the scariest way to get more money, but it’s worth a shot. Make sure you can provide examples how you’ve been awesome at your job and all the ways you’ve gone above and beyond

There are so many ways to make extra money these days. You can work from home and/or use your hobbies to your advantage. The opportunities are endless so make sure to take advantage of them! 

What side hustle have you tried to make extra money?

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