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Shopping Guide: What to Buy At Aldi

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If you haven’t noticed, more and more Aldi’s have been popping up. And there’s a lot of hype around them…

So last summer I had to find out what all the hype was about. Was it really that good? Did it really save people that much money? Will it help me save money?

The quick answer is yes, yes, and YES!

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Aldi isn’t like your typical supermarket. They do everything they can to keep costs low in order to pass down the savings to their shoppers. Smaller stores, BYOB (bring your own bags), renting carts for a quarter (that you get back) and bagging your own groceries just to name a few of the big ones.

Aldi carries mostly their own brand of products and sells them at an everyday low price. This means you don’t have to worry about clipping coupons (they don’t accept them anyway) in order to get the best prices.

They stand behind the quality of their products by offering a double guarantee. This means that if you’re unsatisfied with their Aldi branded products then they will replace it AND refund your money!

Although their selection is a fraction of what you’ll find at a typical supermarket (another cost-cutting method), they probably carry most of the things that are on your grocery list. Plus they have a large selection of organic products (which I love!) at a reasonable price. If you need a specific brand or specialty product that they don’t carry then you’ll have to go to another store to complete your shopping.

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Bottom line: If you’re on a tight budget or just like saving money without the extra work of clipping coupons, then you should definitely check out Aldi if you haven’t already.

After regularly shopping there for the past year I’ve come up with a list of what to buy at Aldi and what you should avoid.

15 Great Aldi Finds


Spices and seasonings at Aldi are a must for me! They can be found for under a dollar everyday! You can even get organic spices for less than $2, which is at least a buck or two less than anywhere else that sells organic spices.


Eggs are a staple in most households because they’re such an easy ingredient and are so versatile. That’s why buying affordable eggs is so important. Aldi sells them for about a dollar a dozen, which is generally cheaper than the regular price at any other grocery store. They also have organic eggs that are a little cheaper too.


Aldi brand cereal tastes just as good as the name brand but it’s so much cheaper! On average you can save $1.50 – $2.00 per box compared to the name brand cereal. Personally, some of the Aldi brand cereals that I’ve tried tastes even better than other store brands.

Cheese puffs

The Organic White Cheddar Puffs are AMAZING! Definitely one of my favorite things there. I have to get two bags each time I buy them because my husband and I need our own bags. It’s a delicious snack for adults and kids all for under $2!


Aldi has a good selection of wine, some of which are pretty highly rated. The great thing is that you can try a bunch of them without breaking the bank. The cheapest wine that they carry is under $3! And my husband really likes it.

Organic baby food pouches

Among all of the great baby food selection Aldi offers, one of the best deals is the organic baby food pouches. You can find them at the grocery store for about $1.50 each, possibly a $1 if they’re on sale, but at Aldi, these pouches can be found for about $0.80 everyday!


You will find some great deals on fresh fruits and vegetables. And an awesome bonus is that they carry organic produce at a fraction of the cost of a regular grocery store. The only downside is that their selection is a lot smaller than the average grocery store, so you may not always find everything you need.

Extra virgin olive oil

The organic EVOO is generally cheaper than non-organic EVOO found in other grocery stores. You can get the oil even cheaper by buying the non-organic Aldi brand.


The chocolates at Aldi are so good. They look like fancy chocolates that might cost an arm and a leg at the grocery store but you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find out how affordable they are.

Canned goods

Most of the canned goods that Aldi carries are super cheap. So I always make sure to stock my pantry when I go to Aldi. The price of their canned goods can’t be beat.


Aldi’s chip prices are the cheapest around! They have tortilla, kettle, and regular chips all for about $1.50 or less. These chips taste just as good as the name brand, but so much cheaper.


If you love cheese, then you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the price and selection available at Aldi. Perfect for a wine and cheese night with your friends or partner.

Hamburger and hot dog buns

Buns are always at a super low price of less than a dollar at Aldi. Most grocery stores only have them priced at a dollar when they’re on sale. So make sure to get your buns at Aldi especially when you’re hosting a BBQ.

Sparkling water

I love sparkling water, but I don’t love how expensive it can get. The popular brand, La Croix, costs twice as much as the Aldi brand. You can even buy a liter bottle for less than a dollar if you wanted to try out a flavor before committing to a 12 pack.

Orange juice

Get your orange juice for $0.50-$1 cheaper than other grocery stores. The quality and taste are the same as the bigger name brands like Tropicana.

4 Items To Avoid at Aldi


The few times I’ve bought various crackers from Aldi, I’ve been pretty disappointed. They tasted stale and just not nearly as good as the name brand cracker.

Dried fruit

The dried fruit tastes just as good as what you can get at other stores, but it’s also just as expensive. You can buy them at Aldi, but know that you may be able to find them cheaper elsewhere.

Pancake syrup

Unless you like super thin and runny syrup, stay away from the Aldi syrup! It may be cheaper, but the quality doesn’t seem as high as other syrups.

Name brand food

Aldi also carries some name brand foods along with their branded products. Very rarely are the name brand products cheaper than they are at other stores. I would stick to the Aldi brand as much as possible.

What are some of your favorite things to get at Aldi?

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